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Cultivating plant excellence, petal by petal

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Color your world with One Floral’s exclusive, long-lasting Hydrangeas. We source proven genetics worldwide to provide a unique collection of captivating and effortless thriving plants, exclusively for customers in North America.


Delivering a selection of high-demand products. Year round.

Your success is our priority. We’re dedicated to understanding your needs and preferences. This enables us to grow a selection of high-demand products year round in areas best suited for your customers. We maximize retail profitability and freshness while minimizing waste and transportation time.


Unique plants tailored for special moments

We believe in tailoring our assortment to meet your specific needs, accommodating variations in plant material, sizes, and configurations. This flexibility allows us to create an offering that aligns perfectly with your vision.



Pink Sunset™


Green Revolution


Princess of Passion™


Stonghearts Red®


Red Amethyst™


Pink Amethyst™


Blue Amethyst™



Strategic greenhouse locations and distribution

One Floral has the ability to grow in areas and climates best suited for end consumers. Wherever they are, we ensure efficient distribution with minimum transportation time and maximum freshness.


Gaffney, South Carolina

Total 12.4 Acres 381,020 ft2

Greenhouse 351,000 ft2
Warehouse 20,000 ft2

Hillister, Texas

Total 18.9 Acres 678,020 ft2

Greenhouse 638,000 ft2
Warehouse 40,000 ft2

Jordan Station, Ontario

Total 36 Acres 749,992 ft2

Greenhouse 624,912 ft2
Coolers 110,000
Warehouse 15,000 ft2

Kratz 1 - Leamington, Ontario

Total 30.4 Acres 1,477,000 ft2

Greenhouse 287,000 ft2
Field 1,187,0002
Warehouse 3,000 ft2

Kratz 2 - Leamington Ontario

Total 19.9 Acres 749,992 ft2

Greenhouse 624,912 ft2
Cooler 110,000
Warehouse 15,000 ft2

Seacliff - Leamington, Ontario

Total 30.3 Acres 1,488,669 ft2

Greenhouse 1,079,000 ft2
Coolers 30,559
Warehouse 30,000 ft2
Field 349,000 ft2


Partnerships with experts worldwide.

To provide the best plant varieties, One Floral believes in fostering partnerships with top tier breeders and growers worldwide, prioritizing collaboration and mutually beneficial growth.