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One Floral sources proven genetics from around the world that yield the finest, long-lasting plants for our North American customers. Our commitment to collaboration drives partnerships with leading breeders and growers, prioritizing mutually beneficial growth.

Let's push the boundaries of horticulture

We view partnerships as the cornerstone of our success. We actively seek out breeders and growers who share our passion for pushing the boundaries of horticulture. By integrating exclusive genetics and innovative growing practices, we offer partners the platform to showcase their expertise.

Our global network

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Our commitment extends beyond providing a marketplace; it's a collaborative journey where partners benefit from our strategic distribution network and marketing support. Join us in shaping the future of plant excellence and creating a lasting impact on the floral industry.


Partnerships with experts worldwide.

To provide the best plant varieties, One Floral believes in fostering partnerships with top tier breeders and growers worldwide, prioritizing collaboration and mutually beneficial growth.